Key Person W/C 13th November & Home Learning

For Key Person time this week, we are looking at St John Ambulance resources which helps support the delivery of basic healthy living and safety measures such as, road safety, healthy eating, what do you do if someone was feeling unwell, what would you do in an emergency. Please have a discussion with your children about these topics.

Respect, tolerance and community day

Today we have started our new topic all about ‘Celebrations’ which looks at different religions. We talked about everyone having their own beliefs but we need to respect everybody!

Our first Celebration to learn about is called Diwali. Diwali is the festival of light. Hindu’s pray to their god Lakshima. The lights led her back home. Hindu’s clean their houses, they decorate them with lights, they wear new clothes and eat sweets made out of coconut.


Our People Who Help Us Day

We have an a very exciting day today. All the children came into school dressed in ‘What they want to be when they grow up?’

We had Mr Pearson in from Network Rail, we had the Police Officers and their police car. We loved the siren!

Our People Who Help Us Part 1

People Who Helps Us Part 2

People Who Help Us Part 3

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What we want to be when we grow up.

video from Claire Stalker on Vimeo.

Our firefighter and rescue dog visit

We were very lucky to be visited by Luca’s mum today, who is a firefighter. In the hall, she talked about her job and what she does and then she showed us her rescue dog ‘Lola’. The rescue dog was very clever and could find Mrs Robson on the carpark! Then the fire engine came. We all had a look at all the equipment needed, but they had to go to a real emergency! Hopefully they will come back soon!

Thank you very much for visiting!

Our Firefighter visit

Year 1 – Eric Carle style

As part of our ‘stories from the same author’ unit in Year 1, we have been looking at stories from Eric Carle. Eric Carle sent us a letter asking us to make his story more interesting by adding more animals and some adjectives to describe them.The children will be eventually writing their own versions of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. As part of our wow factor, the children are creating their own animals in the style of Eric Carle. Here is the start…

Eric Carle animals